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French central government budget for 2016 Results and management


The Cour des comptes – France’s supreme audit institution – hereby presents its report on the central government budget for 2016. The report contains a chapter on budgetary relations between central government and its implementing agencies, plus 62 budget execution memos. It will be supplemented in early July by a report on the situation and outlook for the public finances, which will comprise the audit of the public finances requested by the Prime Minister.

Execution of the central government budget in 2016 featured a small and immaterial deficit reduction. Management in 2016 deviated further still from the objectives and principles of the Constitutional Bylaw on Budget Acts (LOLF). Uncertainty increased over the short- and medium-term budget path, and central government’s financial situation deteriorated further. Insufficient advantage was taken of supportive conditions, in the shape of lower debt service costs and sharply reduced levies on revenue, to continue consolidating central government’s finances.

Press release - French central government budget for 2016 Results and management - 2017.06.08 (PDF, 249 KB)